New Tykkimäki Actionpark
The new Tykkiimäki Actionpark was opened in Kouvola Prisma! It offers a wide range of activities for children and grownups throughout the whole year. A space of about 2000 m2 inside the park is dedicated only for fun, games and sports!
Address: Tommolankatu 9
Opening hours: 12-20 every day
Aquapark Tykkimäki
The new season has started in Tykkimäki Aquapark on June 4th!
Aquapark is open every day at 11 - 19.
Tykkimäki Amusement Park
The new season has started in Tykkimäki amusement park!
Starting from today the amusement park is open every day!
Mon-Fri 12 - 19
Sat-Sun 12 - 20.
View from the top of Mielakka
View from the top of Mielakka, the skiing centre.
Address: Ojaniityntie 3, 45200 Kouvola
The skiing season has opened in Mielakka
Yesterday, the new skiing season has been opened in Mielakka!
Opening hours:
Tue-Fri — 15-20,
Sat — 10-19
Sun — 10-18